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(Soma Bay, 8th of July 2016)


2016 IFCA Masters World Championships  – Summary Report

The weeks and month before the this years IFCA Slalom Youth & Masters World Championships were drawn by ups and downs. Because of the opaque political situation in Egypt and therefore insufficient registered competitors unfortunately the Youth World Championships were cancelled by the IFCA a few days before start.

Anyway, it was the 1st of July when the IFCA Slalom Masters World Championships 2016 started at the windsurf school “SurfMotion” in Soma Bay, Egypt.

The organizer of the event and head of SurfMotion invited the world to celebrate the first IFCA competition in Egypt since 23 years. 17 windsurfers from 11 different countries and two continents followed his call and came to register for the competition.

During the previous weeks, the team of SurfMotion was busy to prepare the location and built a huge event set up with a big stage, a judge tower, a small spectators stand and a 900 square meter tent for the material of the races, to mention just a few results of the effort, which everyone put in this event. Furthermore on site the competitors got lunch for free as well as water all day long.

On registration day, the officials welcomed all the competitors, handed out the event shirts and sailing stickers and invited everyone to make a warm-up session in the racing area, so that all racers could get used to the conditions in Soma Bay. In the evening the start of the event was celebrated with a big opening party on the beach.

On the 2nd of July, finally the competition could start. In flat water with around 18 knots 6 Master and Grandmaster started their first heat. The 11 Masters and Grandmasters were divided into 2 heats, which led into an A and B final. Because of just 6 competitors in the category Juniors & Youth, they could skip all pre eliminations and ride the eliminations directly.

After 5 days of racing, wind between 12 and 25 knots, 77 heats in total, 13 eliminations of the Masters and Grandmasters, 25 eliminations of the Juniors & Youth, 3 false starts, 3 protests and 2 broken boards, the new IFCA Slalom Masters World Champion was announced. Marco Begalli from Italy was able to prevail and is the new Champion. It have been tight races, but in the end he sent Erkan Morgan and Tayfun Onur from Turkey to rank two and three.

In the Grandmasters division Marco also won the title. Rank two and three went to Philip Adamidis from Greece and Markus Purwitzer from Austria.

Another Italian won the category Junior & Youth, Francesco Scagliola. Rank two went to Peter Nors from Denmark and the third rank went to Tim Turpin from France.

In the evening of the last racing day everyone attended the award ceremony and the following party on the beach.

After many exciting races, happy winners, funny crashes, funky parties and strong winds, the competitors, the officials, the audience and the team of SurfMotion were celebrating together six successful days in Soma Bay at a small but mighty event, which wasn´t the last event at SurfMotion “Inshallah!” (Arabic: God willing).

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(Soma Bay, 6th of July 2016)

6th of July, Soma Bay

Today was the last day of the 2016 IFCA Slalom World Championship in Soma Bay, Egypt. It was the last chance for the competitors to climb up in the ranking. It was the last chance for the audience to witness the spectacular races on the water. It was the last chance for the team of SurfMotion to proof their ability to host such an event.

The wind conditions in the morning were similar to the conditions of the previous day, so that it was possible to anticipate the development of the wind direction and the strength. At 10 am the competitors were able to finish the finals of the 11th elimination at around 14 knots, which could not be completed the day before.

After 13 eliminations in the category of the Masters and Grandmasters, 25 eliminations of the Youths and 77 heats in total, the competition ended today, the 6th of July, at 2 o´clock. On the last day the ranking changes just slightly, but it was a nip-and-tack race between Peter Müller and Leonid Judin. 3 eliminations took place on the last day, which allowed Müller to take over the fourth rank from Judin with half a point difference. In the end it can be said, that the competitors put everything in to get a good result and Marco Begalli is the deserved winner of the World Cup! Congratulations!!!

The young racers could complete four eliminations, which did not change the ranking. The distance between the racers was too big to change the ranking on the last day. The champion of the category Youth is also from Italy and his name is Francesco Scagliola. Congratulations!!!

In the evening everyone attended the award ceremony. After speeches from the governor of the Red Sea, the president of the IFCA and Peter Müller, who was the host of the Event at his station SurfMotion, the big farewell party started to celebrate the successful competition.

During the last 6 days, the audience could witness many exciting races, happy winners, funny crashes, funky parties and a lot of sunshine. We as a team of SurfMotion are proud of the event and would be happy to see everyone again in the Soma Bay.

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(Soma Bay, 5th of July 2016)

5th of July, Soma Bay

The second last day began with a strange wind direction, so that the course had to be adapted to the new direction from northeast instead of northwest. As a consequence of the change, in the first heat Leonid Judin was confused and wanted to ride to the third instead of the first mark. When he realised it, he already went far downwind, that he had to do two tacks to pass the first mark.

Unfortunately the wind just lasted around 30 minutes hence it was possible to finish one elimination of the Masters/Grandmasters and two of the Youth. The result after this day is a very tight ranking in the category Master. Marco Begalli could take back the lead and send Erkan Morgan to the second rank.

The first of the Grandmasters is Markus Purwitzer from Austria with 23 points, close to Philip Adamidis from Greece, who scored 23,7 points until now. After the first day when Adamidis could not attend the world cup, he had a sensational comeback from the last to the second rank at the Grandmasters. Also the third and the fourth rank are very close to each other. Peter Müller and Leonid Judin both have 29 points, but Müller has a better discount than Judin.

Because of this situation it is going to be an exciting last racing day tomorrow.


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(Soma Bay, 4th of July 2016)

4 eliminations done on Day 3

The third day of the competition started like the second day with a B Final, which could not be completed the day before. The wind was slightly gusty around 20 knots, but it blasted longer than the previous days, hence it was possible to complete 4 eliminations of the Masters and Grandmasters and 8 eliminations of the Youth today.

In the Masters & Grandmasters category the top of the ranking changed, because Marco Begalli committed a second false start in a final, which dropped him to the second rang behind the new leader Erkan Morgan from Turkey. At the moment the two have the same amount of points, but Morgan has a better discount, which seems to lead to some more exciting heats!

Francesco Scagliola could extend his lead in the Youth category. With 10 victories out of 18 eliminations he is the top of the ranking, whereas Peter Nors, who won several times on the second racing day, had more difficulties today. In the ranking he is now closer to Tim Turpin from France, who caught a good day and a few victories.

After 26 heats in total in warm and clear water with good wind conditions the competitors were exhausted and satisfied and chatted together with delicious pasta from the pasta bar at the beach, which is delivered by the Hotel Palm Royale Resort every day free of charge for all the competitors.

Referring the forecast the last two racing days are less windy than the previous ones, but anyway everyone is excited to see some more amazing heats in the Soma Bay!!!

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(Soma Bay, 3rd of July 2016)

Perfect conditions on Day 2

The second day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships for Masters offers some very interesting races in both categories „Masters & Grandmasters“ and „Juniors & Youth“.

After the skippers meeting the first heat was the B Final of Elimination 3, which could not get finished the day before, because of the lack of wind. Around 18 knots and flat water caused perfect conditions. The B Final of the third elimination was the first race for Philip Adamidis from Greece, who had difficulties with his flight and therefore just arrived this day. It didn’t took him long time to get used to the conditions in Soma Bay and he scored the second rang behind Erkan Morgan from Turkey, who was the leader in the total results so far.

In the category Juniors & Youth Peter Nors from Norway, who became 18 years old today, had a very good day. He won two heats on „his day“. Congratulation!


After a photo finish in elimination 4 of the Masters and Grandmasters, the judges decided

to postpone the second half of the fifth elimination to the next day, because the wind went below 11 knots.

In the current ranking list Marco Begalli (ITA-415) is still on one with a total result of 2,1 points followed by Morgan Erkan (TUR-611) with 3,4 points and Markus Purwitzer (AUT-5) on three with 8 points. Peter Mueller (GER-289) is still in the race on fourth place with 9 points.


The competitors are very satisfied with the second day and are looking forward to further, spectacular heats on the 3rd day of the IFCA Slalom World Championships 2016 in Soma Bay at the Windsurf School Red Sea “SurfMotion” close to the Palm Royale Resort Soma Bay, approximately 40 minutes in the south of Hurghada.


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(Soma Bay, 2nd o f July 2016)

First competition day

It was the first day of competition and everyone was excited about the wind, weather and especially the races. At 10 am the skippers meeting took place in which the judges explained the modalities of the competition, the course and some general facts of the Slalom Event. The 12 Masters and Grandmasters were divided into two heats, which led into the finals A and B.  Because of just 6 competitors in the category Youth, they could directly make the eliminations.

After the meeting every rider had time to prepare his equipment and warm up a bit. At 11 o’clock, the starting tower gave the signal to start and the first heat was on. Four marks and approximately three minutes later the first heat was over and the winner of the first heat in this event named Erkan Morgan from Turkey.

The atmosphere on the water and at the beach was excellent. Good winds, hot weather, exciting races on beautiful colored water and an extraordinary moderator made the first day!

At half past two, the wind dropped down and after almost three eliminations of the Masters and Grandmasters and five eliminations of the Youths and Juniors, the officials decided to

make a break and continue the next day.

“Today, I had an amazing day”, Markus Purwitzer from Austria concluded. “This spot has huge advantages compared to other spots I have seen since I am windsurfing. Combined with the very good organization and management it seems to be an amazing event.”

After a very successful day, the team of SurfMotion was really glad to see that the competitors and the officials of the IFCA are very happy about the races and the spot and is looking forward to the rest of the week.

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(Soma Bay, 1st o f July 2016)

Opening Day and Registration

It was really a busy day for Peter Mueller, that German guy who invited the world to celebrate the IFCA Slalom JYM World Championships 2016 at his windsurf school “SurfMotion”, in Soma Bay, Egypt, in the upcoming days. And for sure it was a hard day for his whole team as well, because today it was training day, registration day, opening day (opening ceremony), party day (in the evening) and not forget the last day before competitions start, so everything has to be prepared.

The officials, the crew on the water and the competitors got their first impressions on the perfect blue water of the Soma Bay with a stable wind around 25 knots. A few starts took place for training the crew and to get into the competition mood.

After a few hours of sailing, everyone registered at the race office directly in front of the beach. All participants got their event-jerseys, the sail stickers and all details they need to be well informed about the upcoming event.

Registered are 18 participants from 11 countries and two continents.

At 7pm, the moderator gave a big welcome to everyone especially to the officials from the IFCA and the competitors on the language of every participating country and opened the event with a nice motivational speech. Afterwards he led over to Bruno De Wannemaeker, president of the IFCA, who told a short funny story of the last World Championships in Egypt 23 years ago in Safaga. That was the time when a private security company were riding on camels to protect the event are, he remembered us.

Last but not least, Peter Müller welcomes the audience as well and opened the dancefloor and let over to the big opening party. With heavy beats, a sky full of stars, good drinks and an even better company the guests were celebrating until the early morning.


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